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Why are there 12 signs? An introduction to synastry and compatible astrology. Terms and conditions Privacy policy About Contact. Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am Aquarius compatibility. Are we compatible? Astrology and soulmates. How to know if you're with your soulmate. The most common features of soulmate relationships. Skin: pemphigus and similar diseases.

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Cardamonin inhibits metastasis of Lewis lung carcinoma cells by decreasing mTOR activity. The epidemiology of inflammatory This combination may be a love at first sight. Toxicological Sciences Before its products may be considered biological, a farm must undergo a period of "changeover", during which the land will be detoxified from the treatments of chemical agriculture conventional agriculture to which it was previously subjected; the length of time of the changeover is determined for each single case by the controlling authority. Large use of Italian extra virgin olive oil, and oil of flax seeds Linum usitatissimum.

Blood: autoimmune hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Note 1: past long-term therapy with cortison can affect therapy for these diseases in a negative way, as reported in texts about gersonian-therapy or similar therapies Note 2: therapy for Myasthenia gravis must be followed by specialists, as some life saving drugs are needed: the patient indeed constantly risks medical emergency. Malignant tumours Tumours such as cancer, sarcoma, lymphoma and leukaemia can arise faster if the immune defences are lower SEE Chapter 9 and if at the same time natural vitamins that could eliminate old cells are lacking SEE Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

Other diseases Other diseases about which the author prefers not to express an opinion at the moment could be caused by the presence of parasites, even only in part.


Al tener la relación con capricornio, cáncer debe tener paciencia y dejar que poco Compatibilidad de Virgo: ¿qué signo es compatible con Virgo en el amor ?. Compatibilidad de Capricornio con: aries,tauro,geminis,cancer,leo,virgo,libra de estos signos es conflictiva, pero superan los obstáculos con el amor.

These diseases were pointed out by some German studies in the s and s, and refer to neurological or psychiatric diseases. At the moment the validity of those studies cannot be judged, even though it is possible that the neurotoxins produced by intestinal parasites worms could actually affect the Central Nervous System. Altered impermeability of intestinal walls Another reason why it is so easy for putrefaction germs to pave the way for fungi and subsequently parasites worms , causing lower immune defences, is an altered permeability of the intestinal walls for putrefaction toxins.

This happens if vitamin F is chronically absent in food, as stated by Doctor Katherine Kousmine many decades ago. Taken from: Katherine Kousmine: Save your bodies! If we go back and look at the history of our industrial society, and the changes it has brought about in nutrition, we can see a huge mistake: the importance given to industrial fat substances, whether solid or liquid, artificial or inert.

These are industrial fat substances that cannot repair cells, nor can they ensure normal structure and impermeability to the tissues of our body, while this happens with natural fat substances, whether noble or essential, that are of vital importance for us. Since the normal tissue impermeability is lost, it is easier to be attacked by toxins, infections or allergies. Immune defences are taken over and the immune balance is broken. But vitamin F cis-cis linolenic acid ensures the right impermeability of cell membranes and especially intestinal cell membranes, and makes up the main constituent thanks to which our body synthesizes anti-inflammatory prostaglandin PGE1.

Eliminating these disturbing industrial fat substances and substituting them with oils rich in vitamin F that are biologically active, as they are cold-worked could restore the normal tissue impermeability and so the correct production of PGE1. In this way, the normal immune balance would be restored, no matter what the symptoms of this balances alteration are. This is easy to observe in patients. Of course, restoring will be faster if no type of fat substance is present: fat substances increase the need for vitamin F and thus they increase its lack as well.

Fats are very rich in energy as well. Chemically speaking, both can be considered to be fatty acids. There are essential oils and fats that contain vitamins vitamin E, vitamin F, etc. They are called essential because our body is not able to synthesize them. However, in the modern world we talk a lot about severe health problems linked to a diet rich in fats and oils.

Actually, the problem needs to be further explained. Chemically speaking, fats and oils contain three types of fatty acids: Saturated fatty acids dangerous for health ; monounsaturated fatty acids not dangerous for health, can contain vitamins ; polyunsaturated fatty acids not dangerous for health, can contain vitamins. Saturated fats, or bad fats, are present in most animal fats, in margarine and in fats used in pastry shops.

GM food has been recently suspected to contain them as well Saturated fatty acids, or bad fats, cause very severe alterations to cell membranes. They replace vitamin F good fatty acids , and cause severe forms of cell wall impermeability for many substances like glucose that might cause Type 2 Diabetes , apoptotic vitamins that might cause cancer and tumours in general , and other substances that are vital for cells, such as vitamin C that might cause heart attack, strokes etc.

On the contrary, unsaturated fats good fats are made of cis-cis fatty acids, that are typically contained in cold-worked vegetable oils. Unsaturated fats vegetable oils are present in many plant seeds SEE Table 2 , and in some animals, such as some fat fish that live in cold waters salmons, herrings. Fatty acids are vital for muscle cells to produce energy for them during physical activity and to relax them Furthermore, good fatty acids control blood coagulation They also influence the release of CCK, a hormone that tells our brain that we ate enough and that we should stop eating They contribute to maintaining conduction speed in motor and sensory nerves as well They can keep our skin healthy They reduce high blood pressure They reduce lung cancer Pardini R.

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It is useful to give a bit more detail about the vitamins contained in these oils. Alpha-Lipoic Acid Alpha-lipoic acid is an essential fatty acid that contains organic sulphur as it is organic, that is, linked to biological molecules, it is not toxic.

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It directly helps making brain, muscle and skeleton energy available during physical activity , controlling diabetes as well Alpha-Linolenic Acid Alpha-linolenic acid is a cis polyunsaturated fatty acid present in cold-worked flax seed oil. Good 29 17 14 Inadvisable for Multiple Sclerosis 74 16 12 Excellent for vitamin E 45 13 1,5 Good 50 10 11 Good if does not contain erucic acid.

If food is warmed up, cooked or left for a long time, it will lose its vitamins.

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The amount of vitamins varies from 15, to 30, Vitamins are the basis of our health. The human race has always been tormented by diseases in the past. History calls some of them incurable diseases; in fact, they were defeated by simple vitamins. If we consider cancer a chronic-degenerative metabolic disease, cancer itself could be defeated by using great quantities of natural vitamins, among which the most important would be vitamin B17 SEE Chapter 7. Just as for monkeys, millions of years ago the human race lost the capability of synthesizing many vital substances that could be found in fresh fruit and vegetables in African forests.

These substances are essential for life and are nowadays called vitamins: they are dozens of thousands, and most of them are still being studied The human species is similar to apes but it is different from a phylogenetic point of view, as the number of chromosomes is different 46 and 48 respectively: this would exclude direct descent. Moreover, for millions of years both populations of hominids lived near a source of fresh water and ate almost exclusively raw vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, wholemeal seeds, fish, and small quantities of meat If we consider all this, we can theorize that human biochemistry, too, has lost the intracellular mechanisms that were typical of prosimians and their most phylogenetically similar ancestors.

Thus, humans ended up losing the ability to synthesize complex anti-oxidant enzyme chains that are typical of DNA repair systems. From an evolutionary point of view, losing their ability to synthesize key-enzymes for intracellular repair processes was an advantage. Indeed, it allowed saving enzymes for synthesis and for biochemical energy: nature made thousands of anti-oxidant and intracellular repair substances available in food, substances that we now call "vitamins" Thus, this explains why prosimians themselves had already lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C several millions of years earlier: they would find vitamin C in their usual food, that is fresh fruit growing on trees in forest.

This change took place before they evolved into transition animal species and finally into todays monkeys. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that this change took place in the species todays mankind descends from, too. Note: on a DNA level, man and chimpanzee are twin species, as if their evolutionary division took place about 5 billion years ago, during Eocene; on the contrary, on an anatomical-morphological level they pertain to very different species, as if their division took place about billions years ago.

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So, in evolutionary terms, todays human DNA should have been quite different from the present-day chimpanzee, following the long process of evolution of about billion years, according to the requirements of slow and casual genetic changes that are necessary to determine the deep change in anatomy and morphology that differentiates the human race from chimpanzees. On the contrary, the DNA of humans and chimps is identical. So the ten great genetic changes in human DNA are interesting because they differentiated humans from chimps and allowed the evolutionary leap towards men.

The combination of casual events of these ten important genetic changes in human DNA are still being studied.