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Saturn and The Inner Journey of Capricorn

So it is the highest Soul purpose of Capricorn to take the lead in directing light into form.

In this critical time of the Pluto transit, the old structures are dissolving while the higher octave of Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, is directing us in creating new structures that more appropriately serve our future selves as spiritual, Soul-centered Beings. Hidden deep within the mysteries of Capricorn are vast undiscovered metaphysical sciences. Idealism which is the power to see the vision and to direct one's course towards it.

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This is the work of Mars, the expression of the sixth ray. A study of the charts of the human family at all the different stages, from the time of the Mutable Cross experience wherein the personality is built up, constructed, developed and integrated, to the final crucifixion of the personality [] upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens, will reveal that every time the man finds himself under the influence of Sagittarius it is with the objective of orienting himself to some new and higher objective, with the task of refocussing himself towards a higher goal and with the unfoldment of some basic and directing purpose.

Esoteric Rising Signs

When Capricorn rises it brings with it the importance of its ruling planet, Saturn— Lord of Karma. Saturn is both the traditional as well as the esoteric ruler of this. Esoterically, Capricorn is said to be the most mysterious sign of all, and [quote cite=”~ The Tibetan”]The basis of the astrological sciences is.

These developing purposes may range all the way from purely animal desire, through selfish human ambition, to the struggle of the aspiring disciple or initiate in order to achieve the needed liberation towards which the entire evolutionary process has impelled him. It is interesting, in this connection, to trace the unfolding of the human consciousness through the influence of the energies let loose through the various zodiacal signs:. Instinct, governing desire—Cancer. Mass unevolved consciousness.

I desire. Intellect, governing ambition—Leo.

Esoteric Astrology: The Revealer of the Soul’s Intention

Individual consciousness. I know. Intuition, governing aspiration—Sagittarius. Soul consciousness in early stages. Initiation 1 and 2. I vision. Illumination, governing intuition—Capricorn. Soul consciousness in later stages. I realise. Inspiration, governing service—Aquarius. Group consciousness. I go forth. Identification, governing liberation—Pisces. Divine consciousness. I and the Father are one. In these signs—Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces—you have the six signs which constitute the six pointed star of the human or fourth Creative Hierarchy; Cancer and Pisces marking the two extremes.

The Crab symbolises imprisonment the hard shell and the rocks under which the Crab ever takes shelter , and the Fish signifies freedom. In between—in Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius—come the four stages of personality development, struggle with the pairs of opposites, and finally release into full spiritual service. In connection with the development of the intellect into the intuition and its consummation as the divine aspiration of the personality "inspired from on high," as this stage is technically called , the following ideas may be found useful; I am simply hinting at them and am leaving the student to work out the various implications for himself.

We have seen that Cancer is the sign of instinctual life, and that in Leo the intellect or mind became part of the individual man's equipment. This intellectual awareness is the result of a slow evolution of the instinctual nature which, when it has reached a certain stage of development, came under the direct influence of the Hierarchy of the planet in a new way, and then—under the stimulation of energies from the planet Venus—a fusion took place which resulted in the emergence of individual self-conscious man.

Gradually, as the aeons have slipped away, the instinctual nature has receded steadily into the background or below the threshold of consciousness, whilst the intellect has become more and more dominant and an increasingly potent factor. In [] Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in two stages:. Stage 1—Wherein the intellect becomes dominant and powerful and controls eventually the emotional nature.

Stage 2— Wherein the intellect is illumined by the light of the soul. In dealing with probationary disciples and with ordinary humanity, the servers of humanity would do well to remember these two stages and not confuse them as they attempt to aid those who are in one or other of them. The emphasis is laid upon the struggle of the personality to release itself from the grip of lower desire in the first case, and in the second to release itself from surrounding world glamour which is revealed when soul light is thrown into it, via the reflecting and illumined mind.

In stage 1, the power of the trained reasoning and rationalising mind is called into activity by the soul; in the other, the illumination of the soul must pour into the mind and is then reflected, like a searchlight, onto the astral plane. This takes place upon the Probationary Path and is called the experience of the disciple in the depths or the valleys. In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitive perception.

There come flashes of light upon problems; a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths to which he has descended in Scorpio and sees ahead of him the mountain in Capricorn which he knows he must eventually climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to do and he therefore makes rapid progress and travels "fast [] upon the Way. This he does until he has established a balanced relationship between the personality and the soul and can function as either at any desired moment with equal facility. This takes place upon the Path of Discipleship and is called the experience of the disciple upon the plains of Earth, for the path between the pairs of opposites runs straight and level, leaving the depths of personality experience and the heights of soul experience at this point of development on either side.

In Capricorn, the initiate learns to realise the meaning of the growing light which greets his progress as he climbs upward to the mountain top. The flashes of intuition with which he is becoming familiar change into the blazing and constant light of the soul, irradiating the mind and providing that point of fusion which must ever be the "fusion of the two lights, the greater and the lesser light" to which I referred in A Treatise on White Magic. The light of the personality and the light of the soul blend. Upon this I need not enlarge, as nothing I could say would be more than it now is—the theory of initiation.

This takes place upon the Path of Initiation and is called the experience of the mountain top. All are needed—the depths, the plains and the mountain top. As you know, Sagittarius is one of the four arms of the Mutable Cross. An idea of the general symbology of this Cross, from the quality angle, can be gained if we give the two sets of characteristics which distinguish the man upon this Cross—both unevolved man and the aspirant to divinity.

We might list these as follows, finding for each arm a distinctive phrase :. Sagittarius—Ambitious desire.

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Virgo—Material life. The cherishing of an idea.

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The key words upon the ordinary wheel are "And the Word said: Let ambition rule and let the door stand wide. In Cancer this living substance assumed a triple differentiated relationship to which we give the names of Life Aries of Consciousness Taurus, the next sign to Aries and manifested duality Gemini, the sign preceding Cancer and these three, blended together, came into outer manifestation in Cancer, thus completing an esoteric quaternary of great importance. You might find yourself interested in so many varied things that it will be impossible to determine your true focus. Evolved man. Aquarius is a reforming and revolutionary sign that follows conserving Capricorn. Wix, author of Llewellyn's Little Book of Unicorns.

Gemini—Recognition of soul and form. Soul interplay. Sagittarius—One-pointed spiritual aspiration. Virgo—The mother of the Christ Child. Pisces—The world Saviour. In connection with the above, it is interesting to note that the Twins set apart and unattached in Gemini become the Centaur, the man-beast, in Sagittarius, whilst Virgo, the Virgin, becomes the Fish goddess in the polar opposite, Pisces. A treatise could be written on the subject of the relation of the opposites in the zodiacal circle for they express spirit and matter and their inter-relation, plus the [] play of qualitative energies; they bear witness at the same time to the fact that these two are one and are simply the expression of great mutable, and yet fixed and initiated spiritual Lives.

It is for this reason that the constellation Libra occupies a unique place in the Great Wheel, for it is the energy coming from this constellation which controls what we might call for lack of a more suitable word the "hub of the wheel. Libra, therefore, controls the "moment of reversal of the wheel" in the life of every aspirant, for there comes a moment in the cycle of lives wherein a point of balance is reached and a relative equilibrium is attained, and over this event Libra presides.

Rising Signs: Capricorn

Some day it will be of interest to make a scientific research and investigation into the power of balance which Libra wields and a consequent analysis of the effect of Libra in an individual life. It might then be possible to discover whether the particular life in which a man carries forward the process of reversal may not perhaps be one in which the sun is in Leo, with Libra rising.

Such statistical studies have not yet been made, but there is much to be done along these lines; I only make suggestions, but it will, I think, be found that this is the case. A proper investigation likewise into the life history of spiritualism and of the mediums associated with it may prove that the majority of the mediums in the world who are of a low grade type or purely trance mediums—negative and usually unintelligent—are born in Cancer with Pisces rising, or in Pisces with Cancer rising.

Such studies would necessarily have to deal with hundreds of cases and be carried forward over a long period of time in order to prove the point which I seek to make.

Sun enters Scorpio

It would also be interesting to make an analysis of those particular incarnations and their horoscopes wherein [] the polar opposites both appear in relation to each other—one as the sun sign and the other as the ascendant, for these lives usually express some degree of either equilibrium or of consummation; they will not in any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event or purpose.

This is particularly the case upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. You will note that my purpose in this section of our treatise is to evoke interest and enquiry and to incite students to scientific, statistical and analytical investigation. Only in this way will my basic premises be proven and eventually substituted for the present unsatisfactory methods—methods which most astrologers who have any real capacity and insight regard as deplorable and unsatisfactory. The ruler of Sagittarius from the orthodox angle is Jupiter, and from the standpoint of the path of discipleship it is the Earth itself.

Mars governs this sign from the standpoint of the Hierarchies involved. The most interesting fact which emerges as we study the Mutable Cross as a whole is connected with the rulers of all the four signs. From the point of view of orthodox astrology, only two planets rule or govern all the four signs; these are Jupiter and Mercury. The reason for this is obvious if you study the nature of the rays which express themselves through these signs.

Mercury is the agent or the messenger of the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, whilst Jupiter is the medium for expression of the second Ray of Love-wisdom. These two rays govern the mass of men upon the Mutable Cross and are closely concerned with the mass incarnation of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Their function is to fuse and blend into one cooperative whole the great dualities expressing themselves through the fourth kingdom in nature.

The significance of this will be [] obvious. It is easily apparent how, through the influences of Mercury and Jupiter, material desire can be transmuted into divine love, and the conflict which is the distinguishing characteristic of the human family can be instrumental in resolving dissonance into harmony. The definite pattern and direction of this process has to take form upon the Mutable Cross before the energies of the Fixed Cross can change the ambitious selfish man into the selfless disciple. All this has perforce to be initiated upon the Mutable Cross which is essentially and significantly the Cross of the mutable, fluidic, restless mind and it is on this Cross that the mind nature is finally developed and begins its integrating control of the personality.

When this process is proceeding, the Mutable Cross experience is over and the Cross of Discipleship begins to play its part. The case is quite different in connection with the subjective side of unfoldment, and esoterically the disciple who finds himself in incarnation under the influence of the Mutable Cross in his personality life whilst he, as a soul, is upon the Fixed Cross, comes under the directed energy of four planets, three of which are non-sacred planets.