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I was introduced to the formal Vedic education, astrology and Vaastu Shastra. At 19, I came to Bangalore in search of a living.

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For some time I worked as an assistant to a priest. Life was a struggle in the beginning with no proper place to stay. Somewhere along the line I managed to learn a few languages, 13 in all Right from the start, my singular interest was to work for the people.

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I always knew the only faculty I could depend upon was my intelligence and make full use of that. That gave me immense satisfaction. But times have changed. There is no more relevance to consultations that end up prescribing a pooja for people aggrieved by marital problems or for those in want of a job.

Much more than documents.

Of course, pooja could only be part of the solution. Astrology is a science by subject and an art by presentation.

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It shows trends and tendencies. But what is important is that the interpretation must suit present-day needs. Today, most of my time goes into consultations whenever I am in Bangalore.

It does not make sense to hurry up with consultations. For the same reason, I just put up with it when people complain about having to wait for long hours, even days, at my office.

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Sometimes getting an appointment with me takes months. I feel truly responsible for every word I say.

Nearly 2, industries including from foreign countries and 20, major families across the globe seek my advice but I do not like to speak about people who have consulted me nor do I flaunt my pictures with important people. So far, money has never been a priority.

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I get enough. A long queue of prospective clients wait outside the hallowed portals of the Academy for the Study of Vedic Sciences, situated on the Shankar Math premises in Bangalore.


The devout Brahmin, dressed in a spotless white dhoti kurta greets every one with a smile. Consultations which end at prescribing a pooja for people aggrieved by marital problems or for want of a job, are no longer relevant," says Somayaji. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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The Daivadnya Brahmins are a Hindu Brahmin caste, predominantly residing in the states of Goa, coastal Karnataka, and coastal Maharashtra. They are. Meet New Age astrologer and Vastu consultant Daivajna KN Somayaji, the fourth among eight children, never had enough to fill his stomach.

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