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Each paragraph of interpretation refers to an individual position in your chart. All of these positions and aspects are some of the "parts" that make up a "whole"--you! Some of these interpretations will be contradictory, just as people are contradictory. A person can be timid in love and aggressive in business, for example. As well, we evolve and grow throughout our lives, facing challenges that help us to handle our positions and aspects in a different way. We all have choices, and one of the major benefits of astrology is the chance to understand ourselves so that we can work with our natal charts and improve ourselves.

Any computerized report that interprets the individual placements in a natal chart is somewhat disjointed, simply because the different parts that make up the whole are not synthesized. Some of the interpretations are more detailed than others. You can use this as a starting point and do some further reading about different positions such as Moon in Libra, Saturn in the 10th house, Moon conjunct Mercury in your chart by exploring our own site, other astrology sites, and by reading astrology books.

The tables show the technical details of your natal chart, personalized based on your birth data.

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Below the tables, you'll find your free birth chart report. You will also find the sign of your Ascendant and the signs on the cusp of each house in your natal chart only if the birth time is known. The Roman Numerals refer to the houses, where the Ascendant is also the first house and the Midheaven is also the tenth house. For example, if the sign Taurus is next to Mars, you know your Mars is in Taurus. If the sign Libra is next to Venus, you know your Venus is in Libra. Aspects The following table shows the planetary aspects in your natal chart.

Interpretations of these factors are found below.

The numbers listed under the column "Value" serve as a relative rating system for each aspect and are determined based on the planets involved, the aspect type, and the orb of influence. Negative values suggest more stressful or challenging influences while positive numbers show more flowing, easy energy.

This is a wide table that may require you to scroll right on smaller screens. The following table shows the positions of the Part of Fortune using the classic formula and the South Node of the Moon the True value. The Sun The Sun represents vitality, a sense of individuality, and outward-shining creative energy. The Sun is in Sagittarius Restless, cheerful, and friendly, Sun in Sagittarius people are generally on the go.

They have a love of freedom, and a disdain for routine. Generally quite easygoing, Sagittarians make friends with people from all walks of life. They love to laugh and tease, and get along well with both sexes. Sagittarians have an often blind faith in people, and in the world. Their optimism is infectious, although it can get them into trouble from time to time.

These are curious people who love to learn. Their idealistic nature is hard to miss. Although generally easygoing, Sagittarius is a fire sign. This gives natives a generally quick temper. Fortunately, they're usually as quick to forget what got them angry in the first place.

The need for escape is generally strong, and some Solar Sagittarians come across as a little irresponsible. They're generally easy to forgive, however. After all, their direct, honest approach in life is admirable. Short description: She is good, idealistic, enthusiastic, and warm-hearted.

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She is independent, having a taste for travel and freedom. She is curious and fair-minded. Possible issues: She is too adventurous and may leave things to chance; may take risks which cause problems; she is rebellious and sometimes tactless when offering opinions.

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On a mission to build astrology learning knowledge base. The natal chart shown here is an Aries chart in that case. This article is here for those who want to explore what the tables in the report mean and is optional. After a bad mental health day, retreating to your bed with Netflix seems like the perfect antidote. You can be fiercely protective of your close friends and family with Mars in your solar fourth house. Counter to the catchy images depicted across the internet, self care extends much farther than face masks and bubble baths.

Sagittarius with ascendant Virgo Sun in IV: The Sun is in the fourth house You invest much of your pride and energy into your personal and private life, your home, and your family. Privacy is important to you. You are naturally protective of your family, including your heritage, and of your personal life. Avoid being defensive as you work to build a secure foundation for yourself and the people you love. You are always in a position to think about what you want, and in many ways, this is an interruption of the will.

You are highly intelligent with a great drive to communicate with other. You invest a lot of pride in your intellectual capacities.

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You may not always listen as well as you speak, however! You might be too busy thinking about what to say next. But you are very curious and although you enjoy expressing yourself, you usually don't dominate conversations completely. As far as studying or learning goes, you are better off reading the material than listening to a teacher. These traits come from a strong need to take an active role in communications.

It is very hard for you to passively listen and absorb information.

Some notes about this birth chart calculator:

Free horoscopes and compatibility reports from Cafe Astrology. After reading the report, you might want to explore your natal chart further with our astrology. This free natal or birth chart report lists planetary positions by sign and house, planet aspects, and house comparisons.

Your opinions are usually strong and you are an independent thinker. You tend to be proud of your opinions and thoughts, and might easily get a bruised ego if you are not "heard", if your opinions are pushed aside or ignored, or if your opinions are criticized. You are expressive and possibly a very animated speaker. You are also very witty and others enjoy your playful and sometimes mischievous sense of humor.

The Moon The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image. The Moon represents the emotions, and the Moon sign shows how a person expresses themselves when at home, at ease, and comfortable. The Moon is in Aquarius Moon in Aquarius people are extremely observant.

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They are life-time students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do. This often stems from a detached--even shy--personality, especially in youth. Whether due to character or conditioning, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling "different".

Although rather sociable, they are often loners at heart. Many have strong egos, or at least powerful defense mechanisms, and most Lunar Aquarians will do their best to be the most unique and unusual person they can be. Their inner feeling of loneliness--that they don't quite fit in--puts them on the outside, looking in. There is a very idealistic and progressive streak in Lunar Aquarians that is admirable indeed. However, when the Moon is in Aquarius, natives often will deny the more irrational qualities of emotions--such as jealousy, possessiveness, and fear--in an effort to be "above" what they consider "pettiness".

When this goes too far, Lunar Aquarians can be emotionally blocked, distant, and detached. Lunar Aquarians can be very willful, especially in childhood. With age, these natives generally learn to handle their strong needs. Their desire for independence is powerful indeed, no matter what their age. They are generally proud of their family members, boasting just how unique they are.

When their families are ultra-conservative, the boast will be that they rebelled against all of that!

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Although given to temper tantrums and willful behavior in youth, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling that messy emotions are unappealing. They often pride themselves for being cool-headed, detached, and "above" what they consider the more base emotions. In the process, they can end up alienating others--and themselves.

Although Lunar Aquarians can be especially adept at understanding others' behavior and motivations, they can lose touch with their own--simply because they have identified too strongly with what they aspire to be and these aspirations are often super-human. The Aquarian tendency to be humanitarian shows up powerfully in Moon in Aquarius.

However, their kindness and concern for others is generally more a broad philosophy of life. With people close to them, Moon in Aquarius natives can seemingly lack compassion, as they often fully expect others to be as independent and detached as they are!