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His holistic teaching and writings span across various schools of thought, although not creating his own brand of astrology.


He is a strict follower of the teachings of the ancient seers and is also a keen promoter for research and further development of the subject. To promote the teachings of his parampara Sanjay Rath has formed a non-profit organization called Shri Jagannath Center where his advanced students are helping to spread Jyotisha in a way that keeps its spiritual roots.

Students learn not only about Jyotisha, but also mantra shastra, mudra , pranayama , meditation , and the Sanatana Dharma.

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Sanjay Rath is presently working on translating the ancient Jyotish scriptures relative to his understanding of their meaning according to his East Indian background. He has a paid astrological study course offered through SoHamsa and various workshops available through the Deva Guru Brihaspati Center [1]. Due to differences in opinion among various teachers he left the organization and started the Sri Jagannath Center SJC in The Sri Jagannath Center was established with the objective of teaching Jyotish according to the ancient Sanskrit classics written in India by maharishis great sages like Parasara and Jaimini.

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SJC has created a revival of people working to understand classical Indian astrology. His teachers form non-profit SJC study circles which now exist in many countries around the world.


So, now the question is weather he got ill health, or did he recover? If two planets are in the same sign, but not exactly at the same longitude, we still say that they are in conjunction. Because of the importance of the topic of longevity, I covered two ayur dasas — Shoola dasa and Niryaana Shoola Dasa. Rao and as given by Mr. Start on. The time when he will do this can be seen from the dasa that he is running. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

And if they are there, not many are from validated sources or legal copy. He is taking astrology to a new level. This is good for beginners.

There is also other way of learning astrology, which is by reading the case studies. Barbara Pijan's website will help you in this. Here I am compiling a brief list of useful books related to astrology both for beginners and for advance users. Some of the books also are in Hindi language, and all the books are directly downloadable via the link which are in PDF and MS word format.

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